Tour de Ladakh [Day 8-Part 1]: The Enchanting Pangong Tso

Many years from now, if everything goes as planned, a 50 years old me would be spending a lazy Sunday afternoon on my beach house in Goa, playing Call of Duty: Space Warfare 12 on my Sony PS7 constantly being … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 7]: The Mighty Chang La

In the course of the last six days we have witnessed all kinds of stunning landscapes, icy mountains and picturesque valleys that there was a sense of concern creeping up inside our head. Did we finish up the best parts … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 6]: A Lazy Day at Leh


Leh, the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Ladakh easily would top the list of ideal places to settle down after retirement for many bikers! Sadly, that’s difficult due to a myriad of political reasons. Leh at 11,562 ft., flanked … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 5:Part 2]: Getting Leh’D !

I believe at every given point of time, some motorcycle rider or the other has to be stranded somewhere in the Manali-Leh Highway. A pretty strange stat, owing to the fact that there are less than a dozen groups on … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 5-Part 1] : Tanglang La

Two days. Two close calls. Still rolling. We expected this to be tough. We were prepared for almost everything. But Ladakh keeps on throwing you new challenges. Anyway, we weren’t complaining much. Otherwise what fun would be getting Leh’D if … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 4-Part 2] : Stranded

For many, Motorcycle Touring is a religion. A strange religion. There are no Gods. There are no written commandments. Still, there is an uncanny sense of brotherhood among the riders. There is a set of unsaid rules. Rules which are … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 4-Part 1] : The Ghost of Gata Loops

Crossing one of the most dangerous high mountain passes in the world, rescuing a stranded biker, crossing a freezing river on bikes in pitch black darkness, spending the night in a tent at -16 degree Celsius; Yesterday had been as … Continue reading

Tour de Ladakh [Day 3 – Part 2] : Breathless at Baralacha La

La. In the native Tibetan speak ‘La’ means ‘High Mountain Pass’. The Manali-Leh highway has four major passes; Rohtang La (3955m above sea level), Baralacha La (4894m), Naki La (4740m), Lachulung La (5065m) and Tanglang La (5360m). Rohtang La and … Continue reading